Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Me and my lines

I cannot believe that this year's Dinner Theatre has come and gone (hope you enjoy pictures). I could not let this time go by without giving complete thanks to God for helping me with my lines. Each time before I went on stage, I had my flashilight backstage looking over lines and I whispered many a prayer throughout performance. Trust me, if it were not for God's help - this 'granny' would not have made it. In this scene, this rich cousin (a.k.a. Mary Ann) has just told me she is too 'fatigued' to work. I said, "I ain't interested in your medical symptoms." In other words, I did not understand the meaning of 'fatigued'. Now that I look back at all the work involved in Dinner Theatre - I personally understand that word and felt it quite well by the fifth performance!

Just a little talk with Judge

This is quite a candid shot! My line was, "You hush up! This don't concern you!" Perhaps I got a little too much into my character!ha!ha! Sorry Bro. Larry, this was just an act. You know that right?

Monday, December 28, 2009

Surprise Ending

Justin had a funny idea to the ending of play (way to go Justin!). After everyone ran off stage, I creeped back in door and we did a little dance to the music (Song was "Dancing Queen"). It was so funny!
That is what is so great about church family - Everyone comes together to make it work!

The Crazy Cast

Final performance of Dinner Theatre and amazed as the writer (Eddie McPherson) attended show. Most grateful for the decisions of salvation and encouragement!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Kind of Race

A couple of weeks ago, Caleb and David (my baby brother) ran a different kind of race. You ran 2 miles to the Krispy Kreme doughnut shop, then ate 1 dozen doughnuts and then ran 2 miles back to the original location. They both finished the race but not sure if they 'kept down' the doughnuts (if you know what I mean). But good news is that I finished up the box of doughnuts, therefore nothing was wasted!haha By the way, as you may have noticed, I am not in this picture or in other words, I did not run this race. I could have ate the doughnuts, it was just that 4 mile running thing!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Hey Y'all from Paula Deen's

Also in Savannah, we had lunch at Paula Deen's Restaurant (Lady and Sons). This is a funny one of Anna and I in her shop with her signature southern saying (hey y'all) and her glasses for sale.

Funny Tour of Savannah

Why take a typical tour of Savannah, when you can take a funny one in a hearse? We laughed so hard at our tour guide. She would scare people on sidewalks (and us, too.)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Four Gals at Forsyth Park

The fountain is so beautiful! Of course, so we could all get in the picture, we had to ask someone to take our picture. Which led to a whole conversation as she was from Alabama, yes we got their life story (and gave them ours). Where else, but in the south!

Sisters and Daughters Trip

What a birthday party! Anna, Sandy, and Rachel and I had a great time in Savannah. Anna, our travel agent coordinator/planner/and savings guru set us up in a great motel and list of great restaurants and God orchestrated the great weather (and faith moments all along trip). We made so many great memories like the tour we took in a hearse, the movie set that was blocks from our motel (yes, I got pictures of Robert Redford), lunch at Paula Dean's restaurant, the 178 steps in lighthouse on Tybee Island and our fun quest of Goodwill's along the way.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Priceless Gift

This was my 4th trip to Ecuador and I can certainly see the advantage of developing a relationship with the people. This is Sarah and her dad, Pastor Lucas (Ecuador's equivalent of the apostle Paul). Before we left on Friday, she came by and brought me an authentic Quichua hat . I was so overwhelmed by such a gracious gift. Sarah worked with us our first trip over and we developed a 'sisters in Christ' bond right away. After she had a baby (2nd trip), thanks to my sister and yard sales, we have taken gifts of clothes for sweet baby Israel since then. I do not know how much the hat cost her, but to me it is priceless. A hat and a friendship, go figure!

I am colder than I look

If you didn't know, everyday in Ecuador is every season. Layering clothes is the only way to survive! This scarf became my best friend (although it looks like I'm on mission trip to India).

God's Hands in gloves

For those who read blog about taking gloves to Ecuador (318 pair), I captured this picture of two little boys putting them on each other (this is in village of RosaRio). God used the gloves as a blessing to the people. They were so grateful and were so surprised by our gift to them! That's just like God - He provided and used them to meet a need.

I left my heart in Ecuador

If a picture is worth a thousand words - this one would say how much Jesus loves the children. These are from the village of Pillcopata. We saw 122 kids in this school, our biggest day (and best day). At least 50 of them stayed after school (they get out at noon) and we did balloons, object lessons and games and fell in love with them. What the picture cannot say is the sound of many of them praying to receive Christ. That sound was priceless - wish you could have heard their voices!

Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane

Cannot believe after all the anticipation that the day has finally arrived for trip to Ecuador! Buenos dias! I am so excited, could not hardly sleep so I decided to write a short note on blog (in hopes that I will be able to keep this up in Ecuador). Trust me, it is very primitive there, but I plan to try. I would be telling a lie if I did not admit how easy it is to start to worry about the connecting flights, the team leaving me in Miami, remembering all the stuff in my packed to the limit suitcases (and having to carry them around), etc. My verse for this trip is Psalm 109:27 ("Let them know that this is Your hand; that You O LORD, have done it.") I would not have gotten out of bed this morning (seriously, I am not a morning person) if I did not have assurance that this trip is God's will and His plan. I am not sure why, but I picture a young woman in one of the villages praying to God in heaven for someone to show her the way! I told God this morning, to tell her I'm coming! I'll tell her His way!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I promised the ladies at the retreat that I would put on my blog the 'tools' I recommended: TOO BUSY NOT TO PRAY by Bill Hybels/ PRAYING GOD'S WORD by Beth Moore / THE POWER OF A PRAYING WIFE by Stormie Omartian.

I've got to tell you a funny from the retreat. At the very beginning, Sandy and I did a skit of all the crazy things (made up) that happened 'on the way' to the retreat. But throughout retreat, we laughed harder as REAL LIFE things happened to us. (She ran over me with the luggage cart as she 'claimed' she could not see me. I actually looked down when eating lunch at Chick-fil-a and had toilet paper dangling from heel of my shoe (who knows how long I dragged that around). She tangled me up in blow dryer cord (I could have fallen and broken my neck). I accidentally hit the panic button on my car key thingamajig early Saturday morning and felt certain I woke up everyone in hotel. Moral to my story - some things you just can't make up, you live them!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Pigeon Forge or Bust

In just two days, I will be leaving for Nashville to pick up my sister and mother-in-law headed to the Women's Tennesse State Retreat. I have mixed feelings as I am excited about the trip, but I am speaking at the retreat which is really not in my 'comfort zone'. But listening to Beth Moore a few weeks ago, I was encouraged when she said, "Not everyone is called to be a 'speaker', but we are all called to 'speak'. Therefore, my sister and I are speaking kind of tag-team style (scary thought of us in wrestling outfits complete with tights!yikes! Trust me, we are NOT wearing tights, I repeat - we are not wearing tights! (Although I really thought it would be funny to borrow our brother's fake 'wrestling belt' I got him for his birthday a few years ago).
One of the stories I am sharing at the retreat is from when Sandy and I were little. I talk some about mom being such a great prayer warrior and how she prayed about everything and so we did too. Every night Momma or Daddy would come into our room (we shared a room and that was a big mistake because we liked to talk back then, too), one of them would kneel beside our bed and Sandy and I would take turns praying. But then, MY SISTER started a new thing. As soon as my mom or dad would enter our bedroom (sometimes before entering the room), my sister would hit her knees to the floor and start praying (we were still starting to kneel by the bed). She wanted to be first so that when I would say my prayer, and if she had forgotten something, she would interrupt and shout out “ME TOO, LORD.”
As most of you know, we now pray together each week (for you) and I love to say (under my breath of course, when she is praying her turn) "ME TOO, LORD." How ironic that after all these years, as we pray together (via Verizon) that our hearts are tender toward God and to each other.
By the way, Sandy ends our 'sermon' (just kidding, it's a lesson, we are not 'preachers'haha), with the story of how mom's prayer was answered after years of praying for healing. It's hard to believe that she died almost 7 years ago (October 12, 2002).

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Quotes for the Day

"In a season of doubt, we must let what we know invade what we feel."

"What's showing on the outside, makes you wonder what's on the inside."

Ankle Report

Good news and bad news about visit to the anklologist. The good news is that it was not cancer. (I told the doctor that I had not even thought about that, so now anything he said would be good news to me.) The bad news is that it is calcification, in other words I am getting old!haha They could do surgery with pins, etc. blah blah blah - I let him know right away that I would have to be crawling around on my knees before that! So he 'recommends' that I get some shoes with good arch support. I did not know whether to cry or laugh!

Friday, August 28, 2009

I want a hat like that!

This is one of my favorite pictures from Ecuador with Pastor Lucas' wife. I know, the hat looks pretty silly on me. But it shows just how much joy that comes from the mission trips there. As the trip gets closer, I will be giving you some specific prayer requests.

God Owns Dollar General

I realize that title sounds like a perfect start to a country music song. Those of you who are so inclined, feel free to put lyrics and music - I forfeit all my royalties to you. The reason for that title is that SIX weeks from today, I will be leaving on a jet plane (ok, don't write a song about that, because it has already been done). I leave for Ecuador in just six weeks! I cannot believe that this will be my fourth trip there. My heart is still so burdened for reaching those children. Back to the title (I get distracted very easy)....I have to give a testimony of how last year when I went to Ecuador and with the cold mornings, I realized I was only one with gloves on. So, I thought...why not take gloves back to the children? I had some people from church (a shout out to Mary Ann, Janice and Karen) who bought some but I needed lots more. So my sister found some on clearance at Dollar General. That was good, but still not enough. So, when I went to visit her (we are always looking for excuses to 'visit'), we started on a mission to go to every Dollar General store as they went to 90% off. (Do you have any idea how many Dollar General stores are in the city of Nashville?) At the last store, which my sister just happened to think of and made a crazy turn to get to, we hit the jackpot! I am not sure why God had us travel all over Nashville when He owned that Dollar General and all the gloves, but it's just like Him to allow us to enjoy the journey! And that we did! Thank you God for the gloves for the people in Ecuador! Thank you, God that You care not only for their souls, but for their hands!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I have already received two phone calls from prayer group at church to see how my dr. appointment went today. I told Mrs. Gibby that I am so special that I am going to the specialist's specialist. I do not know what you call an ankle specialist so I have made up the name "anklologist". (Sorry, Mr. Webster I just made that up.)

Stickers on my face

I absolutely have to share with you my FAVORITE picture from the June mission trip to Arizona to the Tohono O'odham Indian nation. If I could have burst out laughing in church (which was somewhat the norm during the service that morning) I would have. Aren't they precious?

I am jumping into the 21st century with both feet (ok one foot has a mass on it but don't worry, I am seeing a specialist about that next week).ha I have decided to write a blog. There are just somethings that happen to me that are so funny that if I did not tell them, I believe I would burst. (Even with cell phones, sometimes my family cannot always be reached.) I am not sure if it will seem as funny written as it is spoken, but I can always delete it.ha
Also, I love to collect quotes (good news is they never need dusting). So expect to see some of my favorite quotes.
For those of you who blog about your recipes, do not (I repeat, DO NOT) expect to see those on this blog. I am in a recipe rut, which means I cook the same thing over and over. If I ever get out of that rut, I will let you know but I do not expect that any time soon (as in this century).
In my profile (which my daughter will probably think I need to change), I put that I am computer challenged which is a technological term for not sure how to do that quicker. I will eventually get to it after a few deletions and a few backspaces.
I will close with one of my favorite quotes:
What goes into your mind, affects your mind -
What stays in your mind, affects your heart.