Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Yes to VBS (and rest)

I love this picture of my VBS 5th and 6th grade girls class and teenage helpers because it reminds me of the memory we made by 'autographing' each others pillowcases. But it also makes me very thankful for dear Mrs. Elsie from our church who made these for me. (If I had made them, they would not have been worthy of a photo, trust me.) Mrs. Elsie is not able to teach this class but to me she used her gift in a great big way! So, in other words, I guess I did not get the gift of sewing!ha What I really meant to say was we do not just teach with our words, but with our lives - what we give to others by serving them speaks loud and clear. Thanks Mrs. Elsie!

MERGE Camp Veterans

This post is dedicated to my dear sister in Christ, Robin. I never dreamed that last year when we went to Merge that we would return (crazy, I know). This picture captures the fun we have as we serve together. I have enjoyed our discipleship classes and our friendship but especially seeing how much she has grown. Being a mother is never easy, but she's a great one as she has such a heart for seeing her kids grow in their walk for Christ. We share burdens and laughs (lots of laughs) and microwave pork rinds. (inside joke)ha