Friday, August 28, 2009

I want a hat like that!

This is one of my favorite pictures from Ecuador with Pastor Lucas' wife. I know, the hat looks pretty silly on me. But it shows just how much joy that comes from the mission trips there. As the trip gets closer, I will be giving you some specific prayer requests.

God Owns Dollar General

I realize that title sounds like a perfect start to a country music song. Those of you who are so inclined, feel free to put lyrics and music - I forfeit all my royalties to you. The reason for that title is that SIX weeks from today, I will be leaving on a jet plane (ok, don't write a song about that, because it has already been done). I leave for Ecuador in just six weeks! I cannot believe that this will be my fourth trip there. My heart is still so burdened for reaching those children. Back to the title (I get distracted very easy)....I have to give a testimony of how last year when I went to Ecuador and with the cold mornings, I realized I was only one with gloves on. So, I thought...why not take gloves back to the children? I had some people from church (a shout out to Mary Ann, Janice and Karen) who bought some but I needed lots more. So my sister found some on clearance at Dollar General. That was good, but still not enough. So, when I went to visit her (we are always looking for excuses to 'visit'), we started on a mission to go to every Dollar General store as they went to 90% off. (Do you have any idea how many Dollar General stores are in the city of Nashville?) At the last store, which my sister just happened to think of and made a crazy turn to get to, we hit the jackpot! I am not sure why God had us travel all over Nashville when He owned that Dollar General and all the gloves, but it's just like Him to allow us to enjoy the journey! And that we did! Thank you God for the gloves for the people in Ecuador! Thank you, God that You care not only for their souls, but for their hands!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I have already received two phone calls from prayer group at church to see how my dr. appointment went today. I told Mrs. Gibby that I am so special that I am going to the specialist's specialist. I do not know what you call an ankle specialist so I have made up the name "anklologist". (Sorry, Mr. Webster I just made that up.)

Stickers on my face

I absolutely have to share with you my FAVORITE picture from the June mission trip to Arizona to the Tohono O'odham Indian nation. If I could have burst out laughing in church (which was somewhat the norm during the service that morning) I would have. Aren't they precious?

I am jumping into the 21st century with both feet (ok one foot has a mass on it but don't worry, I am seeing a specialist about that next week).ha I have decided to write a blog. There are just somethings that happen to me that are so funny that if I did not tell them, I believe I would burst. (Even with cell phones, sometimes my family cannot always be reached.) I am not sure if it will seem as funny written as it is spoken, but I can always delete it.ha
Also, I love to collect quotes (good news is they never need dusting). So expect to see some of my favorite quotes.
For those of you who blog about your recipes, do not (I repeat, DO NOT) expect to see those on this blog. I am in a recipe rut, which means I cook the same thing over and over. If I ever get out of that rut, I will let you know but I do not expect that any time soon (as in this century).
In my profile (which my daughter will probably think I need to change), I put that I am computer challenged which is a technological term for not sure how to do that quicker. I will eventually get to it after a few deletions and a few backspaces.
I will close with one of my favorite quotes:
What goes into your mind, affects your mind -
What stays in your mind, affects your heart.