Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Man's Castle Is His Home

Last Friday, (December 21st), baby brother, David, surprised Daddy with his early Christmas present (I think it actually was a great 'present' for us all to be together). David arranged for a tour of what is left of the 100 Oaks Castle in Winchester, TN. B.D. (Before David), Dad owned this castle and in fact we lived a short time, not in the castle, but beside it while they were working on it. Although Dad eventually got rid of it and we never lived in it, I think where we lived was just as much a 'castle' as this grand place. Although I was very young, I still have lots of fun memories in the castle such as the haunted house Mom planned for her teen youth group. But then again, I have fun memories of where we lived growing up. In other words, it is not really whether you live in a castle or not, home is where your memories are as great as a castle.