Thursday, February 27, 2014

South of the Mason/Dixon Line

It's official; sister and I have touched every antique store this side of the Mason/Dixon line and found the perfect one! (See above picture for this beauty!) Let's see...I went to 9 stores in Franklin; Sandy and I went to 11 in Nashville in one day and a few the next day but returned back for this one. OK, we really didn't go to all the antique malls and shops....I may have exaggerated that a bit, but it seemed like it! They say (whoever "they" is), that the thrill of looking for the find is as great as the find itself. Which is actually why I wanted to post this. I am so thankful for my sounding board, guide, critique and helper (a.k.a., my sister). We had so much fun during my visit the past three days. Of course, we got in a few other types of stores such as our coupon blitz at Kroger and our Goodwill "goodies", to name just a few. My sister is so special and I love her so much, even more than this cabinet :)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Where oh where has my little blog gone, Oh where or where can it be?

Maybe it's the snow, maybe it's cabin fever, but for whatever reason, I have decided to update my blog. My last post was from Christmas of last year, hmmm... actually year before last as in light years ago, 2012. Unlike Anna, I am not going to do last year in review (with sweet pictures of Lila) because frankly, last year was a tough year losing Daddy. But we focus on today and what a day it has been - filled with beautiful snow and fun with David, Crissy and of course, Henry. I love this picture of the house I took this morning. (It's a good thing you cannot see the inside...It's a mess with the kitchen remodel gone crazy.)

How ironic that my last post of Christmas 2012 was about a castle and a home and my new post is again about a cabin and a home. What makes a home so beautiful? Is it the soon to be new tile floor in the kitchen or that big huge chunk-a-island gone? Yes and no. It's about always changing. Yes, to the decor change (Can I get an amen?), but also to changing seasons. Anna has a home of her own; Caleb has a dorm room of his own :) The season of Kevin and I's marriage is changing; which brings me to why I am glad that through no matter what season (or storm), we are together. I am glad that our kids can come back to this home and there be memories. It is good to be able to call a place a home, to go and see where you grew up, literally and where you changed.

You are always welcome in our home!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Man's Castle Is His Home

Last Friday, (December 21st), baby brother, David, surprised Daddy with his early Christmas present (I think it actually was a great 'present' for us all to be together). David arranged for a tour of what is left of the 100 Oaks Castle in Winchester, TN. B.D. (Before David), Dad owned this castle and in fact we lived a short time, not in the castle, but beside it while they were working on it. Although Dad eventually got rid of it and we never lived in it, I think where we lived was just as much a 'castle' as this grand place. Although I was very young, I still have lots of fun memories in the castle such as the haunted house Mom planned for her teen youth group. But then again, I have fun memories of where we lived growing up. In other words, it is not really whether you live in a castle or not, home is where your memories are as great as a castle.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Power of a Tool

This is one of my favorite photos from Ecuador this year. I am not sure if it is their happy faces or the memories of such a great group. This pix was taken on our last day of training. We graduated 21 participants with not just a certificate but lots of tools we took for them to teach children and share the gospel with others. Each of them have their own story. Each of them have their own piece of Ecuador to evangelize and each have a piece of my heart.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Peru, People and Changes

This is one of my favorite pictures of Caleb from Peru. Apparently, one of the things that the school kids loved to do with the American team was to get their autographs. It melts my heart as this is what I want for Caleb. No, not rock star/autograph seekers, but for that moment when you realize that you have something special about you. It's not your looks, it's not anything else but that you are there in that place because God put you there. You have a purpose. May this be a great faith moment for Caleb. He loved the people. I loved the changes in him. Oh yea, I am a little bias, but he is a star to me!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Who's Dedicated to Who?

I laugh everytime I see this picture. I am not sure if it is Kevin's expression or Lila's disregard for picture taking. This lovely photo was taken at Anna and Chase's after Lila's baby dedication at their church that morning. It was indeed a sweet dedication. Lila did everything just right (in other words, she did not cry.) But the reason for the post is an affirmation of our dedication to Lila. We love her so much. We commit to praying for her everyday. We commit to praying for Anna and Chase as they raise her (praying especially for their marriage as this season of baby raisin' ain't so easy on a marriage). We commit to bringing joy into her life in some way whether it is by attending her special events or just ordinary days turned into special ones because of her!
Oh and did I mention that we dedicate ourselves to spoiling her, too? :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Why We Went to Clearwater

Rachel (Sandy's baby girl) and Lila (Anna's baby girl)

I love these pictures. Anna and Sandy, notice that I did not post any of us out of fear ya would kill me :) 

Despite the rain (and rain and rain and rain), we still got in lots of laughs and smiles.
To Rachel - Never doubt your mother's love, your granddaddy's love, your Aunt Karen's love or cousin Anna's because we came all the way to Clearwater for you. We are so proud of you.