Thursday, February 13, 2014

Where oh where has my little blog gone, Oh where or where can it be?

Maybe it's the snow, maybe it's cabin fever, but for whatever reason, I have decided to update my blog. My last post was from Christmas of last year, hmmm... actually year before last as in light years ago, 2012. Unlike Anna, I am not going to do last year in review (with sweet pictures of Lila) because frankly, last year was a tough year losing Daddy. But we focus on today and what a day it has been - filled with beautiful snow and fun with David, Crissy and of course, Henry. I love this picture of the house I took this morning. (It's a good thing you cannot see the inside...It's a mess with the kitchen remodel gone crazy.)

How ironic that my last post of Christmas 2012 was about a castle and a home and my new post is again about a cabin and a home. What makes a home so beautiful? Is it the soon to be new tile floor in the kitchen or that big huge chunk-a-island gone? Yes and no. It's about always changing. Yes, to the decor change (Can I get an amen?), but also to changing seasons. Anna has a home of her own; Caleb has a dorm room of his own :) The season of Kevin and I's marriage is changing; which brings me to why I am glad that through no matter what season (or storm), we are together. I am glad that our kids can come back to this home and there be memories. It is good to be able to call a place a home, to go and see where you grew up, literally and where you changed.

You are always welcome in our home!

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