Thursday, February 27, 2014

South of the Mason/Dixon Line

It's official; sister and I have touched every antique store this side of the Mason/Dixon line and found the perfect one! (See above picture for this beauty!) Let's see...I went to 9 stores in Franklin; Sandy and I went to 11 in Nashville in one day and a few the next day but returned back for this one. OK, we really didn't go to all the antique malls and shops....I may have exaggerated that a bit, but it seemed like it! They say (whoever "they" is), that the thrill of looking for the find is as great as the find itself. Which is actually why I wanted to post this. I am so thankful for my sounding board, guide, critique and helper (a.k.a., my sister). We had so much fun during my visit the past three days. Of course, we got in a few other types of stores such as our coupon blitz at Kroger and our Goodwill "goodies", to name just a few. My sister is so special and I love her so much, even more than this cabinet :)