Sunday, October 18, 2009

Priceless Gift

This was my 4th trip to Ecuador and I can certainly see the advantage of developing a relationship with the people. This is Sarah and her dad, Pastor Lucas (Ecuador's equivalent of the apostle Paul). Before we left on Friday, she came by and brought me an authentic Quichua hat . I was so overwhelmed by such a gracious gift. Sarah worked with us our first trip over and we developed a 'sisters in Christ' bond right away. After she had a baby (2nd trip), thanks to my sister and yard sales, we have taken gifts of clothes for sweet baby Israel since then. I do not know how much the hat cost her, but to me it is priceless. A hat and a friendship, go figure!

I am colder than I look

If you didn't know, everyday in Ecuador is every season. Layering clothes is the only way to survive! This scarf became my best friend (although it looks like I'm on mission trip to India).

God's Hands in gloves

For those who read blog about taking gloves to Ecuador (318 pair), I captured this picture of two little boys putting them on each other (this is in village of RosaRio). God used the gloves as a blessing to the people. They were so grateful and were so surprised by our gift to them! That's just like God - He provided and used them to meet a need.

I left my heart in Ecuador

If a picture is worth a thousand words - this one would say how much Jesus loves the children. These are from the village of Pillcopata. We saw 122 kids in this school, our biggest day (and best day). At least 50 of them stayed after school (they get out at noon) and we did balloons, object lessons and games and fell in love with them. What the picture cannot say is the sound of many of them praying to receive Christ. That sound was priceless - wish you could have heard their voices!

Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane

Cannot believe after all the anticipation that the day has finally arrived for trip to Ecuador! Buenos dias! I am so excited, could not hardly sleep so I decided to write a short note on blog (in hopes that I will be able to keep this up in Ecuador). Trust me, it is very primitive there, but I plan to try. I would be telling a lie if I did not admit how easy it is to start to worry about the connecting flights, the team leaving me in Miami, remembering all the stuff in my packed to the limit suitcases (and having to carry them around), etc. My verse for this trip is Psalm 109:27 ("Let them know that this is Your hand; that You O LORD, have done it.") I would not have gotten out of bed this morning (seriously, I am not a morning person) if I did not have assurance that this trip is God's will and His plan. I am not sure why, but I picture a young woman in one of the villages praying to God in heaven for someone to show her the way! I told God this morning, to tell her I'm coming! I'll tell her His way!