Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Packed and kind of iffy sort of ready to go

Thank you sweet Anna for coming out Monday night to get bulk of things packed for Ecuador. The picture does not do justice to the weight of each of these 'packed-to-the-limit' suitcases. Also, as you look at the suitcases, you cannot see all the Bibles, gloves, school supplies, balloons, clothes for precious little Israel (thank you again sister). The two tiny suitcases will be our carry on luggage which means everything for nine days. I know it is hot weather here but I have no room for coat so am going to have to wear it on plane. (That will probably look suspicious - great!) Another thing you do not see by just looking at picture of suitcases is my heart for the people in Ecuador. God has graciously allowed me to serve them as this will be my 5th trip. The reason for this post is to give you 4 specific prayer requests while we are there. Pray for our health, safety, open doors into each classroom and village. The fourth request is for specific time of Friday morning on October 1st. Monika and I will be teaching a group of women how to teach and lead children to Christ using the wordless book. We will be teaching how to do memory verse games, review games, Bible stories, songs. Our prayer is that as we disciple them, they will go into the schools and into their neighborhoods. Pray for the Holy Spirit to challenge them to go out and teach. Pray for our interpreter (I talk fast). Pray for good attendance. Even though I would not even teach in Scottsboro without God's help, I can guarantee you that I would not go all the way to Ecuador without His help. Please pray.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

$100 for Okra?

I cannot believe that we will be leaving for Ecuador in 3 weeks and 2 days. I would be more excited if I were packed!ha
With Kevin going with me this year, I am sure you can do the math - that is double the dollars for trip. Kevin who loves gardening (yes, we are opposites), felt like he could raise extra vegetables and try to use that money toward our mission trip. Well, we did sell some to the produce lady in our community, but the rest we gave away (and gave away and gave away). A few weeks ago, one of the couples we have been giving okra to, gave us a check for $100 for our mission trip! I was overwhelmed by such a great gift and then another lady finished out the rest of our money for tickets. I have said all that to say this ----- Don't expect God to give unless you are willing to give. And don't be surprised at how He gives! Who would have thought okra would sell for $100? (Only God could do that!)