Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sew and Share

I could think of lots of excuses of why I should not be teaching sewing. I certainly do not have the expertise, but I do have the heart for it. This picture is of sweet Ashlyn. This is the second sewing project we have been working on. Isn't this cupcake apron adorable with all the ruffles? Did you know that there are lots of life lessons in sewing? Such as... if you do not follow the directions, it's a mess. And, if you get off track, rip out and start over. Also, it is more fun to sew with someone. (By the way, Ashlyn is modeling her apron, but ignore her top as we did not coordinate it with the apron.) I am so proud of her not just because of the project, but because she is so sweet to work with and be around. You can't expect to influence a child's life, unless you are willing to invest in it.