Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Victories in Ecuador

This picture is priceless. (Not of me as hair is pitiful.) This is the picture of Monika and I with the four ladies that rode by bus (all night) for 11 hours to get to our teacher training session last Friday in El Tambo, Ecuador. (They came from Amazon jungle area.) I was amazed at all the lady's hunger to learn and desire to win others. (Would I have taken an 11 hour bus ride??umm) The 'monkey' in picture is puppet as we taught how to use them (thank you, sister for yard sale finds) and the pink bear is a beanie baby used in memory verse game. (It is official - I am begging for these to take next year's trip. In other words, free or super cheap.) Thanks to all of you for the prayers for our health and safety and God working in the Teacher Training time last Friday. This was truly the highlight of my trip. Our interpreter was great - every detail God orchestrated. The only problem was we did not take enough of the materials as there were 9 churches represented and we only took 6 of the Wordless Book's visualized, so we had to coordinate how some groups could share when finished. We gave out packets and door prizes and you name it to be sure everyone received enough tools. Of course, going into the schools was great and we did not have a single teacher turn us down. We presented the gospel to 267 kids in four days. Each child received a wordless book bracelet and tract and the ones who could read received a New Testament. Of course, in the afternoon the balloons got the highest attention. Once again the gloves were begged for. You would have thought I was giving out gold. (Here we go again to Dollar General for winter clearance sales next year.ha)