Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sweetest Baby and Mom in the Whole World

I love this picture because it is my baby girl holding her baby girl. It is hard to express the love that comes to someone the first time you see them this way. How can that be so? I call it a mother's love. I felt it when they first handed Anna to me when she was born and then in a different way when I held my granddaughter, Lila. As for the title of blog, yes, I am slightly prejudice, but I am proud of both of them. Anna, you did amazing in delivery and now being a mom to Lila. As for can just lay there and cry and poop and spit and still be the cutest baby to me.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Will I see them again?

Happy New Year! Of course, while I am cooking that southern ham hock (what part of pig is that? :) and beans for New Year's Day (and cornbread), I am reflecting back on 2011. I know...I know..I need to look ahead, but I need to look back to see God's hand (and my hands messing it up plenty of times). I am such a forgetful person (not sure if it is the age or the wanting to forget some things); but this is what I don't want to forget.....I made it through reading the entire Bible; Had the privilege of discipling Robin and Eddie (so proud of them); completed monthly book reviews for BFG class; Took enough antibiotics and prednisone to kill a horse (but kept going and going and going); Started family prayer time one night a week with Caleb in April and we've kept it up; Survived a tornado; Got to go to Seattle and Dallas for Randall House doing seminars and getting paid to talk (loved it); Watched another Warrior Dash, in other words did not participate; Enjoyed beach and got to go with the Sullivan's; Attended Merge and lived through it again; Helped sister with Jared's beautiful cupcakes, I mean wedding; Celebrated 25 years of Wegener's and healing; Found out that Anna and Chase are having a baby girl (still waiting on Lila); Caleb got a deer with my car but was not hurt (not true about buck and my car); Memphis crew became part of our family; fell and sprained my knee; got sick in Ecuador but managed to still finish out trip and get to do the training. Of all the things God did through me and in spite of me, I am once again humbled that He picked me and all these events. Sounds so cliche'. But I refuse to look ahead without acknowledging God's hand in the past. Did I always like it (especially the death angel visit when sick in Ecuador...ok I am dramatic)? No, but I cling not to the past but to the faithfulness of God. Because if I did not believe He was faithful, I wouldn't even think about 2012. Oh yeah, 2012....I almost forgot :)