Friday, December 23, 2011

I Got My First Christmas Present

This is not my Christmas tree, although that would be really neat :) This is a photo taken at the Heritage Hotel during our girls-shorter-than- usual-birthday-weekend-outing. And yes, the photo was taken by a random person that we scout out and ask to do so. (And did I mention the tour of the famous men's bathroom in the hotel?) Back to the post......I love Christmas and I am so ready for it this year. I just had to type those words as that is not always the case as am usually running around but I am ready and even having guests tonight for dinner just because I actually have the time (ok, the prednisone is keeping me pumped up, too but that is another story.) Again...back to the post....I already received my first Christmas present. Wednesday at the doctor's office, after a cystoscopy (where they put a camera (yep, a camera about the size you see at Professional Photography Studios ha) up your you know what and it hurts like, well, I can't think of words to describe that right now, but it's painful. Anyhow, there were NO tumors in the bladder this year which means no surgery. Thank you Jesus! The no-tumor gift this year was just what I needed!